Operational status
Normal operation.

Delay to UK due to Brexit
It is at present not possible to send more than 30 item positions per invoice to England, Scotland and Wales with GLS. We are still experiencing delays in the delivery to England, Scotland and Wales.

Due to national restrictions and lockdowns in several countries, we are unfortunately experiencing delays for the delivery of export parcels.
We ask our senders not to send parcels to recipients, who are closed or not present for parcel delivery - both in Denmark and abroad. 

GLS cannot guarantee that parcels to the abovementioned recipients will be delivered.
The parcels can therefore be returned without information from GLS, without a delivery attempt and without the possibility of re-delivery.
The deadline for return may be shortened due to parcel volume.

The assessment is made at the delivery depot based on the national/local restrictions.

GLS asks their customers to get their update re. local situations in the media. 

If GLS has assessed incorrectly in a delivery situation in Denmark and the recipient is present for parcel delivery, please contact us.